Su Grierson @ Hopetoun

5.Su Grierson 'Suture' . Unglazed Porcelain & gold thread

‘Suture’ : unglazed porcelain & gold thread

The overall title for my works is Visible-Invisible. The works relate to degradation, adamage, restoration, and conservation of objects and materials and the modern concepts and techniques of making repairs visible as opposed to the traditional skills of invisible repair. AAIn the Yellow Drawing Room ‘Make do and Mend’ highlights traditional repair and re-use alongside some examples of the current fashion for deliberate damage, and repair as design. The work sits beside the fire where in earlier times the ladies of the house might have practiced their needlework skills. AAThe video Digital Dyes in the red drawing room responds to the natural fading of Hopetoun’s historic tapestries. In the State Dining Room Discard and Reclaim sitting beside the Oyster Servery creates small new dishes using discarded oyster shells and reclaimed scraps of porcelain. While in the basement the Butlers Pantry hides the sound work Accidental damage. Works within the gallery continue this theme.

2.Su Grierson 'Discard & Reclaim' discarded oyster shells & reclaimed procelain in response to Meissen oyster servery.

‘Discard & Reclaim’ – discarded oyster shells & porcelain in response to Meissen oyster servery

3.Su Grierson 'Discard & Reclaim' The discarded finding a place in the State Drawing room.

‘Discard & Reclaim’ – detail

4.Su Grierson 'Make do & Mend detial' ceramic darning-1

‘Make do & Mend detail’ – ceramic darning

1.Su Grierson 'Digital Dyes' response to colour degradation of an historic tapestry

‘Digital Dyes’ – response to colour degradation of an historic tapestry