Martine Foltier Pugh @ Hopetoun

Montaigne WordPress

‘Montaigne’ – response to Montaigne’s books in Hopetoun library

The Hopetoun library holds an important collection of books that span centuries, genres and topics and encompass the breadth of Western thought. Row after row, the diversity of their content is concealed behind their leather livery. Faketition is a series of alternative books which allude to the subject matter of the original tomes. Visitors are encouraged to look out for these substitutes around the two rooms of the library. The feeling of disruption is carried over into the gallery space where I exhibit book objects made from discarded volumes or created from recycled material. Drawing on printed pages to isolate words, unlock the imagination and reveal new meanings is a device in the surrealist tradition that inspires much of my work.

Don Quixote WordPress

‘Don Quixote’ – response to Cervantes’ ‘El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha’

Mary Stuart WordPress

‘Mary Stuart’ – response to a History of Mary Queen of Scots


The Man who Laughs WordPress

‘The Man Who Laughs’ – response to Victor Hugo’s book ‘The Man Who Laughs’

Voltaire WordPress

‘Voltaire’ – response to the philosopher Voltaire’s works