Kyra Clegg @ Hopetoun

marble background

‘Gold House’ : ‘Domestic Space’ : “Mirror House’

Open to the public, Stately Homes are neither exclusive private places nor completely public ones. My works respond to the twofold idea of space as being both private and public. Family portraits throughout the house, reflect a private, historic, and ongoing occupation of place. In the entrance hall ‘Mirror House Mirror Me’ reflects visitors’ own ‘portraits’ inviting them to place themselves within this historic house. In the Charter Room a video replaces one of the storage boxes which once held family title and land deeds for safe-keeping. Storage in our digital world now consists of safe deposits ‘in the cloud’ – digital places which backup and preserve data.AAPillow’, entwined by tree roots, in the bedroom antechamber reflects the imagery of the room’s ‘Verdure’ tapestries. In the Exhibition Gallery the theme of inner and outer continues with a collage series on ‘Domestic space’, whilst the three ‘Dream House’ sculptures look at imaginary ‘inner space’.

storage space

‘Storage Space’ – video responding to the old storage boxes for the family’s title deeds


‘Pillow’ – sculpture responding to the forest tapestries in the bedchambers


‘Domestic Space’: collage