Fanny Lam Christie @ Hopetoun


‘Covert’ – sculpture, bronze

My work highlights the connection of Hopetoun House with nature. Nature is represented throughout the interior of the house and in its grounds, the extensive woodland and wetland supports many wildlife. Bringing nature inside the architecture, Leaf captures the light from the skylight dome in the stairwell and I developed a special process creating bronze with glass to achieve this. A kinetic sculpture Leaf II, made of bogwood and porcelain, is suspended from the upstairs balcony echoing the floral wood carving panels. Autumn Leaves II resonates with and captures the oak leaves drifting in the wind just before they settle on the ground to form a leaf mould carpet in the woods. The work is inspired by both the oak tapestry in the ball room and the Autumn atmosphere of the Hopetoun woodlands. Two sculptures in the garden are inspired by the two deer parks. The Trophy celebrates sustainability, whilst Covert explores a place for wildlife shelter. In the gallery, the theme of preservation continues in a series of work in bronze, glass and bogwood.


‘The Trophy’ – sculpture, bronze and porcelain


‘Autumn Leaves II’ – sculpture, bronze


‘Leaf II’ – sculpture, bronze


‘Leaf’ – sculpture, bronze and glass